Vyv Antimicrobial Light Recognized Among Newsweek’s “Best Infection Prevention Products 2021”

Best Of Infection Prevention Vyv

Newsweek just announced the ‘Best Infection Prevention Products 2021’ list to highlight companies whose products are “most promising for helping patients and the healthcare workforce avoid infection.” Vyv (formerly Vital Vio) is proud to have their antimicrobial LED light technology included on the list in the category of ‘Lighting Disinfectants’.

The list was developed by a selection committee that evaluated each product using four criteria:  effectiveness, safety (to both patients and healthcare workers), successful real-world implementation, and the stability of the company (to support future implementations). The committee used sources such as evaluations from the FDA or EPA, published research studies, case studies from hospitals and healthcare facilities, and other public sources.

Vyv Antimicrobial Light is currently used in healthcare settings including hospitals like Houston Methodist, long term care facilities, outpatient clinics, compound pharmacies, nurse’s offices in schools, sports medicine clinics in college sports programs and many more.  Over a decade of research has shown efficacy against bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast and fungi on surfaces in active environments. Vyv antimicrobial lights are also used in diverse settings ranging from food manufacturers, offices, and schools, to airplanes, school buses, cruise ships, and professional sports facilities and many more.

The Newsweek list is more relevant than ever. As Nancy Cooper, Newsweek’s Global Editor in Chief noted in her letter that accompanied the Newsweek Best Infection Prevention Products 2021 list, “Over the last year of pandemic, issues of infection and safety became top-of-mind for almost everyone, not just healthcare professionals. That concern is likely to remain with us for some time even as the threat of COVID-19 seems to recede in the U.S and some other places.”

Products like Vyv UV-free Antimicrobial Light, that can be used 24/7 with no restrictions around people in any setting, will play an important role in reducing the number of microbes on surfaces to protect the environments in which we live and work.

Vyv antimicrobial light technology has received recognition in lists and awards in many industries such as 16 Products That Are Moving The (Food Service) Industry Forward, National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation Award, and Top 10 Pandemic-Driven Aircraft and Cabin Innovations,  among many others.

For more information about Vyv antimicrobial LED light, read Vyv’s efficacy studies or learn more about Vyv’s applications across industries here.

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