Orlando-Based ForgeGreen Bio Partners with Vyv to Offer Continuous-Use Antimicrobial Light Technology

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Forge Green Bio

Forge Green BioORLANDO, Fla.–ForgeGreen Bio, leading disinfectant management group based in Orlando, Florida, today announced a partnership with VyvTM (formerly Vital Vio) to provide continuous-use antimicrobial lighting for residential, commercial and industrial applications as part of its portfolio. This addition to its portfolio of best-in-class solutions is helping create safer, cleaner spaces to families, businesses, and communities.

“Adding Vyv to our portfolio of companies that disinfect and clean are both sustainable and safe for families and communities is a major milestone for our company,” said ForgeGreen Bio co-founders Robert Panepinto and Jonathan Kilman, “Vyv non-UV LED lights can be installed at home, work, in hospitals and businesses, and especially in schools. Vyv’s technology represents a new kind of clean, a way of creating environments that become inhospitable to bacteria and microbes.”

Vyv’s antimicrobial technology works nonstop 24/7, and meets the international standards for both continuous and unrestricted use around people, pets and plants, unlike hazardous UV light. Ultimately, this creates an environment that stops the growth and reduces microbes without the dangers of using other disinfecting methods. Vyv’s technology is within the visible light spectrum and acts using a different killing mechanism than UV, enabling this antimicrobial light technology to provide a new layer of protection to create a new kind of clean.

ForgeGreen Bio continues to add clean and sustainable disinfecting solutions to their team including Bioesque Solutions, Silver Defender, and Violet Defense.

About VyvTM

Vyv is a health tech company that has created a new kind of cleaning protection. Vyv, formerly Vital Vio, offersproprietary continuous-use antimicrobial light technology for homes, public places, and industry. Unlike hazardous UV-C light, Vyv meets international standards for continual and unrestricted use around people, animals, and plants. Today, Vyv delivers a unique approach to cleaning continuously by creating environments that are inhospitable to the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold and mildew. As overhead lighting, Vyv can be found in athletics, food production, healthcare facilities, travel and hospitality, retail, commercial and public buildings and many other places. Vyv technology is also embedded into commercial and consumer products and applications – shower lights that stop mold growth, behind cleaner elevator buttons and in many other diverse and creative ways. For more information, visit vyv.tech.

About ForgeGreen Bio

ForgeGreen Bio provides solutions currently being deployed across North America and focuses on sourcing best-in-class solutions for creating safer, cleaner spaces for employees, customers and guests. The “ForgeGreen Bio Clean” suite of services provides companies and organizations the options they need with an emphasis on sustainability.

Our disinfecting solutions support governments, national retailers, major manufacturers, large banks, schools, health institutions, and more.

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