Vital Vio Earns Award for Aerospace Innovation by Space Florida, Florida Venture Forum

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Space Florida

This recognition highlights Vital Vio’s innovative work of bringing antimicrobial LED technology into the aerospace industry

Troy, New York – June 6, 2020 – Vital Vio, maker of a patented new class of continuous antimicrobial LED light technology, announced today the company was named a winner in the 2020 Space Florida Accelerating Innovation awards. This award was presented by Space Florida and the Florida Venture Forum at The Aerospace Innovation & Tech Forum. Beyond recognition for its technical innovations, Vital Vio was also granted a $20,000 award and the opportunity to engage with the Florida Venture Forum investment community.

“The aerospace industry is ripe for innovation, and leading-edge technology companies are rising to the occasion to improve efficiency and safety across operations,” said Pat Schneider, Vice President of the Florida Venture Forum. “As the industry adapts to a post-pandemic world, disruptors like Vital Vio are redefining how we think about cleanliness, sanitation, and health and wellness. Congratulations to Vital Vio for a well-deserved award and grant to continue innovating for the rapidly-evolving needs of the aerospace industry.”

Vital Vio has developed and patented antimicrobial LED light that both illuminates spaces while creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria, fungi, yeast and mold to grow. Currently, Vital Vio technology is used widely in healthcare, real estate, residential, hospitality, food safety, agriculture, aerospace and many other diverse industries. Unlike chemicals or ultraviolet light, which clean intermittently and can be dangerous around humans, Vital Vio’s antimicrobial lights meet international standards for continuous and unrestricted use around people. Uniquely, Vital Vio delivers continuous antimicrobial protection. Throughout the aerospace industry, this technology is uniquely suited to keep surfaces continuously sanitized from airport terminals to food services to aircraft. Recently, Vital Vio successfully tested its antimicrobial lights onboard a Delta Air Lines 757 aircraft.

“Health and wellness have risen to significant importance alongside safety and the overall customer experience in air travel. But even before COVID, we were pioneering and testing antimicrobial light onboard a Delta 757,” said Colleen Costello, co-founder and CEO, Vital Vio. “The aerospace industry already understands the importance of keeping the flying public as safe as possible and we know that the industry will continue to excel as it brings it’s focus to health and wellness technologies. We’re delighted by this recognition and opportunity to showcase how Vital Vio directly meets the needs of the aerospace industry’s focus today and into the future.”

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