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The Dirty Truth

This is a survey (taken is November, 2019) of 1,200 Americans examining gaps and potential risks in their personal cleaning habits.

Our world is “dirtier” than ever. In fact, studies show the average person comes into contact with over 60,000 different types of bacteria each day. What’s worse is that antibiotic resistant bacterial superbugs are becoming increasingly common, killing 700,000 people each year. The world is facing a serious bacteria crisis – and a new study shows that we could be the problem.

This survey offers a wider discussion on the rapid spread of deadly diseases and how consumers’ poor hygiene / cleaning habits could contribute to this wider societal issue – highlighting data such as:

  • Over half (52%) of Americans only clean a surface in their home if it looks dirty
  • The vast majority (88%) use their smartphone while in the bathroom with almost half (46%) doing so every time
  • One in four (27%) don’t wash their hands after traveling on public transportation
  • Two in five (39%) use public transportation when they are sick – and 60% of this group don’t wipe any areas they’ve touched before they depart
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