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The Efficacy of Antimicrobial non-UV LED Lights for Home, Public, and Industry

Proven Efficacy

This paper highlights six research studies conducted in multiple settings for antimicrobial light. The report highlights research into the effectiveness of the properties of a new class of antimicrobial light, which is found in the visible light spectrum (400-420nm).

Although the germicidal properties of ultraviolet (UV) light have long been known and applied for many years to destroy microorganisms, it is only recently that the antimicrobial properties of visible light have been applied to combat environmental contamination and the spread of disease and infection.

Vyv has been rigorously tested in both controlled labs and in active environments. The results confirm Vyv reduces the microbial buildup and bioburden on surfaces in some significant ways.

Read this compendium of research studies on the efficacy of Vyv antimicrobial light to learn more.

The Efficacy Of Antimicrobial Light