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Gerry Anderson

Chief Financial Officer

Gerry Anderson

Gerry brings over 37 years of leadership in financial and treasury management, strategic plan execution and shareholder wealth creation to Vyv. He is responsible for all aspects of the company’s finance, accounting, and treasury activities and joins his Vyv team members in fulfilling the company’s mission to make the world a healthier place with innovative products and technology designed to disinfect bacteria in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Prior to Vyv, Gerry has served in leadership roles helping build companies and high-performance teams, drive excellence in core competencies and improve profitability through process efficiency and innovation. His career has a heavy emphasis on value creation through merger and acquisition strategies in numerous industries including, banking, healthcare technologies, alternative energy and information technologies. He served as a member of KeyCorp’s acquisition team helping build the company from a $7 billion local bank to an $85 billion super regional bank and later served as the CFO of Key’s Trust and Private Bank. He also served as the Treasurer for Intermagnetics General, a healthcare diagnostic technologies manufacturer, helping grow the company to an eventual $1.3 billion sale. Gerry also served as the CFO at Plug Power where he directed all accounting, human resources, IT, manufacturing and supply chain activities of a public company in the alternative energy space. Gerry holds a B.S.B.A. degree in Accounting from the University of Arizona. Gerry received his CPA license in New York and resides in Clifton Park with his wife Janice. When not working, Gerry has a passion for the majesty and beauty of our planet and serves as the CFO of a Charitable Foundation whose mission is to address sustainability goals tied to air, water, land, humankind and wildlife.

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