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White Office
Office Violet
Vyv Antimicrobial Light in Dual-Modes

Interior space lit with Vyv dual-mode antimicrobial light. White ‘Antimicrobial+Light Mode’ when both continuous antimicrobial action and illumination are needed. Violet ‘Enhanced Antimicrobial Mode,’ for higher dosage of antimicrobial when white light is not required.

Vyv Antimicrobial Lights in Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Broan-NuTone SurfaceShield™ bathroom fan in enhanced antimicrobial mode, emitting the signature Vyv violet glow at night and white light during the day creating an overall cleaner and fresher smelling environment.

Brewery White Lights
Vyv Antimicrobial Lights in Brewery

Vyv antimicrobial lights protect the brew room at Chatham Brewing, Chatham, NY, from contaminants like bacteria, mold and wild yeasts.

Delta Antimicrobial Lighting
Vyv Antimicrobial Lights in Delta Airplane Lavatory

Delta installed Vyv’s antimicrobial lighting above sink surfaces in their 757 aircraft.

F 45
Vyv Antimicrobial Lights in Athletic Gym

F45 Gym in Petaluma, CA. The signature purple glow shows Vyv’s Enhanced Antimicrobial Mode in the evenings. When in use, the fitness center turns to Vyv’s white Antimicrobial+Light. Same antimicrobial action. 24/7 non-stop cleaning.

Operating Room
Vyv Antimicrobial Lights in Hospital Operating Room

Hospital operating room with Vyv light in Enhanced Antimicrobial Mode at night providing continuous, 24/7 antimicrobial action, stopping the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and mold.

Inc Colleen Costello
Vyv Co-Founder & CEO, Colleen Costello

Colleen Costello, Vyv co-founder and CEO, with Vyv’s patented white single-diode antimicrobial LEDs. Vyv holds 22 patents with 35 patents pending.

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