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Case Studies In Innovation: Innovating With Embedded Antimicrobial Light Technology

Companies like Broan-NuTone, Dorel Juvenile's Safety 1st and Lucidity Lights Are Leading Their Categories

Broan Home Depot

International Creativity and Innovation Day is just around the corner, a day when the world celebrates innovation.  At Vyv, we are an innovative, fast-growing health tech company and the pioneer and market leader in antimicrobial LED technology, so we celebrate innovation every day.  We like to take every opportunity to celebrate our innovative partners too.  Read on for fantastic case studies in innovation that led to award-winning new products.

Vyv partnerships result in amazing firsts and award-winning new entries in a wide variety of product categories from shower exhaust fans and kitchen lights to stay-clean humidifiers, elevator buttons and airplane lavatories. Our team of experts, scientists, and innovators also work alongside industry-leading companies to create new ways of protecting spaces like athletic facilities, food processing plants, hospital operating suites, corporate offices, public restrooms and lobbies, subways, school buses, cruise ships, jets and more.

Vyv created the antimicrobial LED category when we introduced our patented non-UV antimicrobial LED technology almost a decade ago, and now through our deep expertise and end-to-end partnership approach, we are a trusted partner helping many other companies launch first-to-market products and applications in their industries.

Broan Nutone

Broan-NuTone Revitalizes Its Product Line

When VP of Marketing Edwin Bender joined Broan-NuTone a few years ago, he had the fantastic opportunity and great responsibility to manage a very large and successful legacy business.  Broan-NuTone is an industry leader in ventilation and clean air technology with an incredible 90% residential market penetration in North America.

This market leading position created challenges and opportunities — the challenge (a good challenge to have):  how to protect this strong legacy business while creating new growth and value for their customers.  The opportunity:  how to create product innovation to spur growth.  Edwin started by creating a partnership with Vyv.  Edwin referred to this partnership as putting them “back on the innovation trail”.  The result was the Broan-NuTone Surfaceshield Ventilation Fan, which combined clean air with antimicrobial light to win a 2020 Innovation Award from BIMSmith Market and became a Top 100 Most Requested Product in Qualified Remodeler magazine.

Read here about Broan Nu-Tone’s step-by-step secrets of successful innovation partnerships.

Dorel Juvenile

Dorel Juvenile Safety 1st Solves Their Customers Biggest Problem With Humidifiers

Kellee Senic, Director of Product Marketing at Dorel Juvenile, always starts with the customer.  When she and Design Engineer Lukas Tubby were on the hunt for a solution to one of the biggest problems with standard humidifiers, how to keep their interior spaces clean and bacteria- and mold-free, they sought out Vyv to help engineer a solution.

The result:  the Stay Clean Humidifier with Vyv Continuous Antimicrobial Light — what one customer called ‘a total game-changer’ — a humidifier that kills 99.9% of the most common bacteria* with Vyv’s light technology. This industry leading product was given the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association’s prestigious Innovation Award.  It opened up opportunity to enter new retail channels.  Best of all, it has received praise and thanks from their customers, one customer summed it up well:  “Practically cleans itself!  I love that as long as I keep my unit’s LED lights on, it’s killing 99% of bacteria and mold.  Always my biggest pet peeve, cleaning them!  Thank you for thinking of us parents here.  Now me and my child can breathe better through the night, too!”

Read here to about the steps Safety 1st took to co-engineer success in partnership with Vyv.

Lucidity Lights Lighting

Lucidity Lights Expands Into New Markets

Residential lighting company, Lucidity Lights, saw an emerging market opportunity to expand into the wellness product space by providing solutions that lead to cleaner homes.  Jennifer Smith, Vice President of Product Development at Lucidity Lights explained “During the 2020 pandemic, we saw a huge push toward health, wellness and all things antimicrobial.  So, we’ve made it a goal of ours and a mission to develop new, compelling and helpful products in this category.”   The result:  ellumi, a non-UV antimicrobial LED retrofit light that prevents bacteria, mold, mildew, yeast and fungi growth on surfaces.  They made this happen through a product innovation partnership with Vyv that spanned co-engineering, scientific support from Vyv microbiologists to optimize antimicrobial efficacy, co-marketing, and more.

Lucidity Creative Director, Diane Picariello adds “People have been spending more time at home.  It’s estimated that up to a quarter of people will continue to work from home at least a couple days a week.”  With new awareness about keeping homes clean, ellumi lighting offers consumers a new kind of clean that is also a green solution.  Customers love it, as this customer wrote after trying in vain to keep mold out of their shower:  “We could not keep mold from growing in there just days after cleaning it for hours.  Now we leave the light on during the day, and nothing is growing!  What’s the price of my sanity?  Way more than this light cost me.”

Read more here about Lucidity Lights successful ellumi product launch.

It’s a New World. Let’s Make It Cleaner!

Germs are on everyone’s minds, so non-UV Antimicrobial LED tech is now being embedded in shower fans, jet lavatories, humidifiers, and even elevator buttons. See how innovation teams are building a new class of antimicrobial products to differentiate, gain market share and create competitive advantage.

Download Vyv’s free Executive Guide to Innovating with Antimicrobial Light. Gain insights from the teams at Delta Air Lines, Broan-NuTone, Dorel and Lucidity.

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