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Whether through an overhead light or embedded behind an elevator button, Vyv works to make spaces and places cleaner for us all.

Wherever we live, work, gather or play,
you’ll find creative Vyv solutions everywhere.

Vyv at Home

A smart home is a clean home.

Vyv antimicrobial light works around the clock to keep mold and bacteria from growing in our homes.

As overhead and under-counter lighting or embedded inside the products we use, Vyv’s unique antimicrobial LED design is ideal for many bright and new applications.
Stay Clean Humidifier Safety 1st
StayClean™ humidifiers in nurseries and bedrooms, so parents can have peace of mind, and get a good night’s sleep too.
Broan Nutone
SurfaceShield™ home ventilation fans for refreshed bathrooms and kitchens while tamping down bacteria, mold and fungi.
Surface Shield
Ellumi Lamp Ellumi
Ellumi’s overhead and under-counter lighting for bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms, family rooms – anywhere where light can prevent the buildup of microbes in our homes.

Partnering for a Cleaner World

Clean Home Technology is currently surging in the marketplace with increased public concerns for health and wellness. Vyv accelerates clean innovation through creative partnership opportunities. To bring antimicrobial light protection to homes around the world, Vyv partners with the makers of household and consumer products. Adding antimicrobial light protection helps our partners to expand existing product lines and even their ways to market.

Leverage Our Experience

Visit Vyv Invent. With such a diverse portfolio of partner companies and our years of experience ensuring the highest possible efficacy of Vyv antimicrobial light technology, our team of engineers and scientists are ready to invent alongside you. We’re here to help make our homes 21st century clean.

Vyv Efficacy

Proven Efficacy

Vyv has been rigorously tested in both controlled labs and in active environments. The results confirm Vyv reduces the microbial buildup and bioburden on surfaces in some significant ways. Read this compendium of research studies on the efficacy of Vyv antimicrobial light.


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Vyv at School

Schools are filled with students, staff and teachers. And millions of microbes.

Schools of every size and type are gathering places for the exchange of ideas…and germs as well.

Surfaces in schools– desks, chairs, keyboards, mice, cafeteria tables and lockers – can all be protected and cleaned continuously with the flip of a light switch! Using Vyv antimicrobial light to prevent microbial growth on commonly used surfaces can better protect students and staff from infection and illness.

Where do bacteria grow in educational environments?

Black Board
Shining antimicrobial light on these surfaces might not make kids smarter, but it will kill lurking bacteria and prevent it from re-growing.

Vyv has a critical impact on bacterial reductions.

In a recent study, conducted in an active school environment, Vyv antimicrobial overhead lights were installed and achieved significant bacterial reductions. After only 4 weeks, 99.6% microbial reductions were achieved. In fact, Vyv’s antimicrobial lights delivers a much cleaner school environment beyond the school year – 24/7/365.

Bacterial Reduction

The volume of bacteria on surfaces can DOUBLE every 20 minutes. It’s imperative to build in continuous cleaning as part of your school’s multi- layered antimicrobial defense system.

Antimicrobial light keeps school buses clean so the ride to school is clean and fun.

The ride to school can be protected continuously by shining Vyv antimicrobial light throughout the school bus before, during and after the drive to and from school.

Download Vyv at School or contact us to learn more.

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Vyv at Work

From elevators to bathrooms to workspaces, the places we work can also be a gathering place for microbial buildup.

Protecting the health and wellness of employees needs to be Job #1.

Office suites, shared workspaces and corporate campuses have one thing in common: they are hotbeds for germs. Anywhere people gather, there is an opportunity for bacteria and other microbes to grow and proliferate. Left undetected on surfaces, these microbes can double in number every 20 minutes and can become millions overnight. Indoor workplaces can lead to illnesses that spread throughout an office, to our own people, clients, families and the communities where we live.

Microbes have meetings, too.

Bacteria can grow on many different surfaces throughout offices. Microbes are invisible, intrusive and can be infectious. Overnight, their colonies can number in the millions. Vyv’s antimicrobial light technology has been proven to continuously clean our workplaces, keeping surfaces free of microbial build up, and preventing their re-growth. Meeting rooms are just one example of a space that can be contaminated by microbes.

Invisible things can hurt us.

Covid-19 has raised awareness of the presence and transmission of germs in all environments. While millions of people around the world continue to struggle with the pandemic, it has provided lessons for employers and property managers: we need to take a closer look at workplace cleanliness.

Read our Office Environments Overview.

Get the Research

Germs In Workplace

What’s Fueling Bacterial Transmission at Work

  • Employees often eat at their desks or elsewhere throughout the work environment
  • Shift workers share phones, desks and computer equipment
  • Employees and visitors gather in reception areas, meeting rooms, lunchrooms and hallways
  • Employees may come to work with mild illnesses

Routine Cleaning is Not Enough

Nightly cleaning crews vacuum, sweep and empty the trash, but they don’t typically spray and wipe surfaces. If they do, it’s not enough to effectively combat bacteria. In between cleanings, bacteria grow unchecked, making offices a potential breeding ground for pathogens.

Achieve a New Level of Clean

Vyv antimicrobial lights were installed in an active office environment and reduced surface contamination by greater than 90%.

Antimicrobial light brought an unprecedented level of cleanliness throughout the office environment.

90 Percent Surface Contamination Reduction
*Multiple areas were swabbed over several weeks and results were compared to the baseline data.

Multi-Layered Antimicrobial Defense

White Light Vyv Purple Light Vyv

Vyv has been proven to be an ideal foundation for a multi-layered antimicrobial defense system. Vyv’s technology works non-stop around the clock, even when facilities are not in use. It’s the perfect complement to traditional cleaning routines.

As spaces are normally cleaned, Vyv works continuously in the background to eliminate microbial buildup, even in the hardest too reach crevices and small spaces that regular cleanings simply miss.

Vyv Health

Reduce MRSA, S.Pyogenes E. Coli and C.Diff. by 90%+

Vyv antimicrobial light is making this a reality in active healthcare environments.

Vyv is quickly becoming the persistent, 24/7 component of an effective multi-layered antimicrobial defense system for healthcare environments. Tested in both controlled lab tests and active healthcare settings, Vyv is proven to kill bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew on surfaces and prevent their regrowth, making these environments cleaner for patients, residents, staff and visitors.

Health1 Health2

Managing a Microbial Ground Zero

Acute care facilities such as hospitals and specialty clinics, along with nursing homes, rehab centers and assisted living residences can be Ground Zero for the proliferation of invisible microbes that can grow exponentially and are potentially dangerous to residents and caregivers. They often go undetected and can double in number every 20 minutes. This can lead to unwanted illnesses that can easily spread.

Where do Bacteria Grow in Healthcare Environments?

Acute Care Facilities

Reduce Potential Infections While Delivering Care

Healthcare facilities need to work constantly to kill or prevent infections and HAIs (including antibiotic resistant “superbugs”) while delivering care. Keeping microbial growth at bay is a critical component in delivering care to patients in all healthcare settings – acute care hospitals, specialty clinics, urgent care, long-term care and rehabilitation facilities. Preventing the transmission of germs among staff, patients and visitors begins by killing pathogens where they thrive – on surfaces throughout these healthcare facilities.

Reduce Infections1 Reduce Infections2

Add a New Layer of Defense

Combating Infections In Long Term Care Facilities

Vyv continuous antimicrobial light adds a new level of trust in healthcare systems by stopping the growth and regrowth of bacteria and other pathogens on surfaces. Now these facilities can become inhospitable environments to microbes in the first place.

Read our white paper to learn how.


Vyv Food & Beverage

Bring a New Clean to All FSMA Zones

Reduce microbial growth throughout your facilities with antimicrobial light that never stops working for you.

Bacterial contamination in food processing and their surrounding environments can result in lines being shut down, expensive clean-up crews and harsh chemicals impacting machinery and the environment. If a product has been shipped, expensive recalls (with an average cost of $10 million, (Source: Grocery Manufacturers Association) become necessary, and brands can suffer a loss of value that could take years to rebuild. Continuous cleaning with antimicrobial light is good news for surfaces in food and beverage manufacturing and production.

Routine Cleaning is Never Enough.

Every surface is a potential breeding ground and routine cleaning simply cannot keep up with the proliferation of microbes. Bacterial colonies re-form after every cleaning. The continuous antimicrobial action of Vyv antimicrobial light decreases colony numbers over time* because these lights create an inhospitable environment for them to take hold, grow and contaminate production surfaces.

*MRSA and E. coli showed 90%+ reduction in controlled laboratory testing in 24 hours.

Redefining Clean Post Covid World Read this paper about how antimicrobial light can help make food production environments cleaner, especially in a post-covid world.


Antimicrobial light provides a continuous foundation for a multi-layered FSMA Zones 1-4 defense system.


Installing antimicrobial light in any of these Zones stand to benefit all Zones. The flexibility of Vyv antimicrobial light can both clean and illuminate entire production lines and areas, plus its unique form factor enables Vyv to be embedded into very hard-to-reach spaces within processing equipment.

Protect your office spaces, your locker rooms and your production areas with the continual cleaning power of Vyv antimicrobial lights.

Download Vyv’s Food & Beverage Overview.

Vyv Athletics

Treadmills, balance balls, towel collection areas and weightlifting apparatus are just a few of the surfaces where millions of microbes like to grow.

Workouts at facilities that use antimicrobial light to kill bacteria… work out well.

Bringing People Back to the Gym

Athletic facilities are ideal for the proliferation of invisible germs. They can grow exponentially and can be hazardous to our health. Especially now, with everyone’s increased awareness of microbes, indoor workout spaces must be kept cleaner than ever to avoid illnesses and help us all feel more comfortable in our workout places.

Flip A Switch To Kill* Bacteria & Other Pathogens

Vyv antimicrobial overhead lighting gives professional, college, amateur athletes and weekend warriors clean spaces to work out and exercise. Vyv continuously protects and illuminates these environments while they are in use; and then continue their antimicrobial action long after everyone’s gone.

Hydro Bacteria Hydro Bacteria Vyv

*MRSA and E. coli showed 90%+ reduction in controlled laboratory testing in 24 hours.

Vyv is a Team Player

Antimicrobial lighting is especially important for revenue-producing athletic programs at the collegiate and professional levels. The more that can be done to keep athletes in peak shape and on the field, court or ice, the better. Vyv works with professional sports teams, college programs and fitness centers to prevent the amount of microorganisms that athletics can come in contact with while working out in the gym! Teams

Working Throughout Workout Facilities

In addition to the actual workout areas, Vyv lights up physical therapy rooms and whirlpool areas, as well as administrative and lounge areas. Working with Vyv, athletic facilities are taking a proactive multi-layered approach to cleaning by continuously killing* pathogens and preventing growth. Vyv antimicrobial white light is an important part of their investment.

*MRSA and E. coli showed 90%+ reduction in controlled laboratory testing in 24 hours.

Germs In Athletic Facilities

A Clean Gym Leads to Happy Members

Clean Gym Happy Members

The last thing members of a gym want to worry about is the cleanliness of the equipment they use. It goes way beyond wiping down with a towel. Gyms can protect their equipment 24/7 using Vyv antimicrobial light.

Vyv is the ideal foundation for a multi-layered antimicrobial defense system. Because Vyv works around the clock, even when facilities are closed, you get a new kind of clean that reduces microbial buildup, even in the hardest to reach spaces.

Download our Athletic Facility Overview

Vyv Travel

From airlines and airports to cruise ships, hotels and restaurants, Vyv brings a new level of cleanliness to hospitality.

Traveling to new places is exciting – exposing us to new experiences, people and ideas. We can also encounter new and unwanted microbes from fellow travelers, staff and new geographies.

Safeguarding travelers’ health is a top responsibility for everyone in the travel business today – whether cruise ships, planes, trains or travel coaches to hotel and restaurants. Every surface that a traveler encounters is a new opportunity for the transmission of something unexpected.

Getting in Ship Shape

Vyv is working closely with the maritime and cruise ship industry to improve the cleanliness of their fleets as they prepare to return to the seas following the pandemic. We are proud to have our technology be part of the improved sanitation programs onboard for passengers and crew – in the elevators, hallways, berths, kitchens and food prep areas and dining areas. Ship Shape

Vyv Ship Shape

Cleaning the Blue Yonder

Vyv lights are available for installation in airlines and airports. In the air, Vyv is ideal onboard in lavatories and flight galleys. While on the ground, Vyv can be used to clean inflight catering service areas and in airport terminals. Vyv is now becoming a fixture in restrooms, ticket counters, restaurants and gathering areas.

All the Comforts of Home

Comforts Of Home Hotels and restaurants have enormous promise and upside to bring about a new kind of clean in their guest rooms and bathrooms, reception areas, food services, in hallways and many other places where people congregate.
Whether it’s traditional overhead lighting, unique one-of-a-kind lights or embedded in devices that are used throughout the hospitality industry, odds are you will find Vyv is there to protect you and your family.

Vyv Horticulture

A cleaner approach to the cultivation of crops and the supply chain for farm-raised products

Many crops are grown indoors using advanced methods. Vyv antimicrobial light is effective in indoor growing rooms and processing plants where harvested produce is prepared for distribution.

Making Salads Safer

It’s no secret that leafy greens like lettuce and spinach have been contaminated by E.coli and other pathogens, resulting in food-borne illnesses and product recalls. The FDA responded to these recurring outbreaks by updating the FSMA Produce Safety Rule, establishing science-based minimum standards for the safe growing, harvesting, packing and holding of produce. These standards apply to staff hygiene, equipment, surfaces, tools and buildings.

Contact us to find out more about how Vyv works in horticultural environments.

Shining a Light on the Foods We Eat

Redefining Clean Post Covid World As with Food &

Beverage manufacturing, Vyv antimicrobial light can be incorporated into the ways we grow food and crops to eradicate microbes that can damage crops. Regardless of the contamination that can happen prior to harvesting, Vyv can have a positive impact by killing pathogens and preventing their growth within the facility. Vyv brings a new kind of clean as a continuous foundation to a multi-layered antimicrobial defense system.


Vyv tests positive for reductions in bacterial growth in horticultural environments.

A recent third-party study shows the efficacy of Vyv’s antimicrobial overhead lights in a plant processing room. Five locations in the room were swabbed two weeks prior to installation to establish baselines. The same sites were sampled daily. Total fungi counts along with 16 individual genus or species identifications were looked at, and totals
were taken across time
Yeast Mold Reduction Rate
  • Week 8 post-installation – total fungi, Penicillium, and yeast counts were reduced by more than 1-log.
  • Week 36 post-installation – a 3.5-log reduction in Penicillium and yeast counts.
Vyv is proven to reduce surface contamination in heavily used environments with extremely high bio burden and high amounts of plant debris.

Vyv Increases the Yield in the Emerging Cannabis Market

Cleaner Cannabis

While the horticultural system benefits from the use of antimicrobial light, testing has proven a specific benefit for cannabis growers by reducing the surface bioburden in growing and processing rooms. Antimicrobial lighting combats the effects of high humidity in grow rooms and keeps processing rooms clean by continuously preventing bacterial and mold growth.

Cleaner Cannabis Cleaner Cannabis Vyv