Vyv Everywhere

Whether through an overhead light or embedded behind an elevator button, Vyv works to make spaces and places cleaner for us all.

Wherever we live, work, gather or play, you’ll find creative Vyv solutions everywhere.

Vyv at Home

A smart home is a clean home.

Vyv at School

Schools are filled with students, staff and teachers. And millions of microbes.

Vyv at Work

From elevators to bathrooms to workspaces, the places we work can also be a gathering place for microbial buildup.

Vyv Health

Reduce MRSA, S.Pyogenes E. Coli and C.Diff. by 90%+

Vyv Food & Beverage

Bring a New Clean to All FSMA Zones

Vyv Athletics

Treadmills, balance balls, towel collection areas and weightlifting apparatus are just a few of the surfaces where millions of microbes like to grow.

Vyv Travel

From airlines and airports to cruise ships, hotels and restaurants, Vyv brings a new level of cleanliness to hospitality.

Vyv Horticulture

A cleaner approach to the cultivation of crops and the supply chain for farm-raised products