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Vyv Travel

From airlines and airports to cruise ships, hotels and restaurants, Vyv brings a new level of cleanliness to hospitality.

Traveling to new places is exciting – exposing us to new experiences, people and ideas. We can also encounter new and unwanted microbes from fellow travelers, staff and new geographies.

Safeguarding travelers’ health is a top responsibility for everyone in the travel business today – whether cruise ships, planes, trains or travel coaches to hotel and restaurants. Every surface that a traveler encounters is a new opportunity for the transmission of something unexpected.

Getting in Ship Shape

Vyv is working closely with the maritime and cruise ship industry to improve the cleanliness of their fleets as they prepare to return to the seas following the pandemic. We are proud to have our technology be part of the improved sanitation programs onboard for passengers and crew – in the elevators, hallways, berths, kitchens and food prep areas and dining areas.

Cleaning the Blue Yonder

Whether it’s traditional overhead lighting, unique one-of-a-kind lights or embedded in devices that are used throughout the hospitality industry, odds are you will find Vyv is there to protect you and your family.

Cleaning The Blue Yonder
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