Surface Contamination

An invisible threat

Organisms can live on surfaces, sometimes for months. They’re invisible, grow exponentially and can often impact our health.

Current cleaning methods – typically intermittent mopping and wiping surfaces with antimicrobial cleaning agents – are generally inefficient and rarely remove anywhere near 100% of microbes on surfaces. The gaps between cleanings are all opportunities for microbial growth.

Somewhat more sophisticated disinfection techniques are also available: bursts of ultraviolet (UV-C and Far UV- C) light, high pressure-high heat washdowns, vapor-bombing with hydrogen peroxide and more.

These approaches all have one thing in common: None work continuously. They are each effective at first, but only for an intermittent time.

Intermittent vs. Continuous Protection

From Microbial Growth and Build Up…

Microbial levels can quickly return to pre-cleaning levels between treatments.

…To Fewer Microbes And Less Risks

With Vyv’s continuous antimicrobial effect, microbes are prevented from growing and are constantly being reduced over time.

The Importance of Prevention With and Without Vyv

Bacteria Levels Graph

When a new common germ is introduced without Vyv, the rising curve shows an increase in microbial buildup over time. With Vyv, microbes become inactivated and die over time. This difference is that an inhospitable environment is created through our new kind of continuous prevention.

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