Clinical Research

Vyv is 100% committed to advancing the science of antimicrobial light technology.

Our experts are constantly evaluating environments that use our technology and reporting its impact, even in the most esoteric applications.

This knowledge is creating an extensive knowledge base that is readily accessible to all Vyv customers and partners.

The Vyv knowledge base offers all new research findings—practical data that supports our value proposition:

  • Findings on multi-bands of light to further enhance cleaning results
  • Understanding where antimicrobial light can have an even greater impact
  • Building and updating a detailed documented “microbial kill list”
  • Evaluating different conditions—humidity, temperature, time intervals, light intensities—for different applications
  • Efficacy of shelf life
  • Biofilm in wet environments
  • Impact on odor, air and water
  • Antibiotic resistance

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