Vyv Invent

Vyv is a team of inventors. We offer the expertise and the services to pioneer a new class of smarter, cleaner solutions with our antimicrobial light technology.

Strategic Planning

Vyv engages fully to ensure the viability of every solution that bears our name.

We embrace the role of trusted advisor with every partner and customer and share the expertise we’ve gained through years of experience in diverse markets — residential, public spaces and across industries.

Strategic Planning is a highly consultative process. We work alongside our customers and ask the questions that help guarantee the efficacy of the ultimate solution –
  • What application will deliver the greatest possible ROI with the first design?
  • What is the bacterial challenge in an application?
  • What microbes are of greatest concern and how do we best test for them?
  • What kinds of surfaces need protection?
  • What is the best way to measure the impact of antimicrobial light protection?
  • Where and how should protection be tuned?
  • What other cleaning and disinfection options are available?
  • How should antimicrobial light be aligned with these other approaches?
  • How can we best position the new solution and what language and data should be used in claims?
  • What is the best approach to rolling out the solution? What comes next?
  • What questions are end-user customers likely to ask?
  • How can we best support and train distribution channels on product capabilities and differentiation?

Multi-disciplined Engineering

Every application includes detailed engineering analysis and planning since antimicrobial lighting can now be delivered in so many ways.


Every application has its own unique environmental constraints. Because of this, a comprehensive assessment is performed to determine:

  • The empirical measurement of how the light is to be deployed
  • The light’s placement in space, whether as an overhead fixture, part of a process or inside a product
  • A simulation of the lighting to meet rigid environmental and cleaning requirements, both in efficacy and time
  • The ability to ensure no negative impact on materials or componentry

Electrical Engineering

This phase results in an intensive assessment and recommendation for both illumination and controls requirements including:

  • How the system needs to operate
  • The intensity (lux level) of the lighting required
  • What mode (white or violet) the lighting needs to be in, when and for how long
  • Identifying when the lights should be on or off
  • Determining the microbial load (surface bioburden) to be eliminated
  • Activity and usage within a specific room or environment
  • Automated feedback loop for lighting to properly respond to the optimal microbial protection and occupancy changes

Mechanical Engineering

Because of the broad applicability of antimicrobial light technology, the highest degree of flexibility is critical for designing new solutions while minimizing disruptions and time-to-market including:

  • Designing and modifying within the constraints of existing form factors or applications
  • Customization of circuit boards and controls for unique environments, such as mechanical fit, thermal designs and electrical power budgets

Material Science Engineering

The goal is always to deliver the highest level of prevention and protection with little or no impact on the surrounding environment. Expertise is required to ensure every element is working with precision throughout a system or within a single product. This includes:

  • Evaluation of plastic lenses
  • Compatibility testing of existing lenses
  • Ensuring that the disinfecting light wavelength is radiating optimally
  • Recommendations on making changes to existing materials
  • Advice and assistance working with supply chains
  • Collaborative planning and support bringing products to market

Microbiology Services

Vyv’s microbiologists are trained to examine every application from multiple angles for the best possible antimicrobial outcomes.

Many customers and partners are not set up to do their own laboratory testing. And even if they are, they can benefit from the experience Vyv brings to the table.

Our scientists design and manage studies performed at a customer site (active environments) or in our labs (controlled environments). Our dedicated team can:

  • Assess the environment to determine the right starting place
  • Identify and quantify the unique germ species (define the original bioburden)
  • Consider the intensity of the environment, whether inside a consumer appliance or in a large industrial processing facility
  • Recommend the timing and intervals for re-testing
    • When testing in active environments over varying timeframes, our team designs the timing and the protocols; walks through the best protocols; and manages all of the coordination with other lab teams and personnel.

Vyv is committed to being a leader and a resource in the science of antimicrobial light. We have valuable relationships with experts and thought leaders in healthcare, agriculture, food safety and other industries.

Vyv continues to make important investments in third-party studies and partnerships to reinforce the efficacy of the breadth of applications for our technology.

Our team provides “white glove service” to every customer, offering valuable resources and always making our team available and “on call” for highly technical questions.

Clinical Research

Vyv is 100% committed to advancing the science of antimicrobial light technology.

Our experts are constantly evaluating environments that use our technology and reporting its impact, even in the most esoteric applications.

This knowledge is creating an extensive knowledge base that is readily accessible to all Vyv customers and partners.

The Vyv knowledge base offers all new research findings—practical data that supports our value proposition:
  • Findings on multi-bands of light to further enhance cleaning results
  • Understanding where antimicrobial light can have an even greater impact
  • Building and updating a detailed documented “microbial kill list”
  • Evaluating different conditions—humidity, temperature, time intervals, light intensities—for different applications
  • Efficacy of shelf life
  • Biofilm in wet environments
  • Impact on odor, air and water
  • Antibiotic resistance

Co-marketing Support

By working together we can help the world understand that continuous antimicrobial light is a planet-friendly way to a cleaner world.

Driving consumer awareness to establish value for antimicrobial solutions is a critical first step in generating consumer demand. Our goal is to help the market understand that light is a planet-friendly way to a cleaner environment.

As we gain market traction, these efforts help bring value to our partners’ products through greater market understanding by the public, creating product differentiation, encouraging adoption and ultimately generating revenue.

Vyv provides everything from detailed claims that can be made using our technology to building comprehensive communications plans, help with bylined articles, and share the market success of our other partners so everyone can benefit from the results generated by the adoption of antimicrobial light technology.

Our wide-ranging “white glove” partner support includes:

  • Approved and detailed antimicrobial claim information
  • Creative brand guidelines
  • Approved language to fully leverage Vyv’s value proposition and brand as an industrial component.
  • Collaboration on product positioning
  • Messaging and supporting data to explain the power of our technology
  • Joint media relations support
  • Review of sales materials, web content, media kits and press announcements.
  • Sales support in the marketplace
  • We even help with product naming!