Co-Marketing Support

By working together we can help the world understand that continuous antimicrobial light is a planet-friendly way to a cleaner world.

Driving consumer awareness to establish value for antimicrobial solutions is a critical first step in generating consumer demand. Our goal is to help the market understand that light is a planet-friendly way to a cleaner environment.

As we gain market traction, these efforts help bring value to our partners’ products through greater market understanding by the public, creating product differentiation, encouraging adoption and ultimately generating revenue.

Vyv provides everything from detailed claims that can be made using our technology to building comprehensive communications plans, help with bylined articles, and share the market success of our other partners so everyone can benefit from the results generated by the adoption of antimicrobial light technology.

Our wide-ranging “white glove” partner support includes:

  • Approved and detailed antimicrobial claim information
  • Creative brand guidelines
  • Approved language to fully leverage Vyv’s value proposition and brand as an industrial component.
  • Collaboration on product positioning
  • Messaging and supporting data to explain the power of our technology
  • Joint media relations support
  • Review of sales materials, web content, media kits and press announcements.
  • Sales support in the marketplace
  • We even help with product naming!

Let’s be in touch.

If we can answer any questions or you’d like to brainstorm ideas about how you can apply antimicrobial LED light, please say hi to Vyv.