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Vyv Antimicrobial Light continuously cleans the places where we live, work, gather and play.

*Testing on a non-enveloped virus (MS2 bacteriophage) showed a 99.985% reduction in controlled laboratory testing in 6 hours on hard surfaces. MRSA and E. coli showed 90%+ reduction in controlled laboratory testing in 24 hours on hard surfaces. Results may vary depending on the amount of light that is reaching the surfaces in the space where the product is installed and the length of time of exposure. Use of Vyv antimicrobial light is not intended to replace manual cleaning.

Vyv Lights

Vyv’s proprietary antimicrobial light technology is now available in a wide assortment of white and violet lighting fixtures.

Office Violet

Vyv Enhanced AntimicrobialTM

Maximum Enhanced Antimicrobial Impact

White Office

Vyv Antimicrobial+LightTM

The Same Great Protection + White Light

Executive Guide Vyv

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This guide shares how innovative brands are bringing antimicrobial light to market.

  • Find out how to design products with antimicrobial light
  • Discover the 5 Steps to Innovating: Ideation to Launch
  • See the newest innovations from world-class companies

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