Vyv at Home

A smart home is a clean home.

Vyv antimicrobial light works around the clock to keep mold and bacteria from growing in our homes.

As overhead and under-counter lighting or embedded inside the products we use, Vyv’s unique antimicrobial LED design is ideal for many bright and new applications.
Stay Clean Humidifier
Safety 1st

StayClean™ humidifiers in nurseries and bedrooms, so parents can have peace of mind, and get a good night’s sleep too.

Surface Shield
Broan Nutone

SurfaceShield™ home ventilation fans for refreshed bathrooms and kitchens while tamping down bacteria, mold and fungi.

Ellumi Lamp
Brilli Bright Clean

Brilli Bright Clean lighting keeps your whole home — from kitchens to bathrooms and more — clean and fresh with style-forward products that are easy to install and use.

Partnering for a Cleaner World

Clean Home Technology is currently surging in the marketplace with increased public concerns for health and wellness. Vyv accelerates clean innovation through creative partnership opportunities. To bring antimicrobial light protection to homes around the world, Vyv partners with the makers of household and consumer products. Adding antimicrobial light protection helps our partners to expand existing product lines and their paths to market.

Vyv Ingredients

Leverage Our Experience

Visit Vyv Invent. With such a diverse portfolio of partner companies and our years of experience ensuring the highest possible efficacy of Vyv antimicrobial light technology, our team of engineers and scientists are ready to invent alongside you. We’re here to help make our homes 21st century clean.

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*Testing on a non-enveloped virus (MS2 bacteriophage) showed a 97.12% reduction in controlled laboratory testing in 8 hours on hard surfaces. Testing on SARS-CoV-2 (enveloped virus) showed a 96.76% reduction in controlled laboratory testing in 8 hours on hard surfaces. Testing on MRSA and E. coli showed 90%+ reduction in controlled laboratory testing in 24 hours on hard surfaces. Results may vary depending on the amount of light that is reaching the surfaces in the space where the product is installed and the length of time of exposure. Use of Vyv antimicrobial light is not intended to replace manual cleaning and disinfection practices.

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