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Vyv at School

Schools are gathering places for people to learn and exchange ideas…and germs.

Surfaces in schools can be protected and cleaned continuously with the flip of a light switch. Desks, chairs, keyboards and mice, cafeteria tables and lockers…

Using Vyv antimicrobial light to prevent microbial growth on commonly used surfaces.

Where does bacteria grow in educational environments?

Black Board

Shining antimicrobial light on these surfaces can kill* lurking bacteria and prevent re-growth.

Vyv Ingredients

Vyv has a critical impact on bacterial reductions.

In a recent study, conducted in an active school environment, Vyv antimicrobial overhead lights were installed and achieved significant bacterial reductions. After only 4 weeks, 99.6% microbial reductions were achieved. In fact, Vyv’s antimicrobial lights delivers a much cleaner school environment beyond the school year.

Bacterial Reduction

The volume of bacteria on surfaces can DOUBLE every 20 minutes. It’s imperative to build in continuous cleaning as part of your school’s multi- layered antimicrobial defense system.

Antimicrobial light helps keep school buses continuously clean.

The ride to school can be kept continuously clean by shining Vyv antimicrobial light before, during and after the drive.

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