Microbiology Services

Vyv’s microbiologists are trained to examine every application from multiple angles for the best possible antimicrobial outcomes.

Many customers and partners are not set up to do their own laboratory testing. And even if they are, they can benefit from the experience Vyv brings to the table.

Our scientists design and manage studies performed at a customer site (active environments) or in our labs (controlled environments). Our dedicated team can:

  • Assess the environment to determine the right starting place
  • Identify and quantify the unique common germ species (define the original bioburden)
  • Consider the intensity of the environment, whether inside a consumer appliance or in a large industrial processing facility
  • Recommend the timing and intervals for re-testing
    • When testing in active environments over varying timeframes, our team designs the timing and the protocols; walks through the best protocols; and manages all of the coordination with other lab teams and personnel.

Vyv is committed to being a leader and a resource in the science of antimicrobial light. We have valuable relationships with experts and thought leaders in healthcare, agriculture, food safety and other industries.

Vyv continues to make important investments in third-party studies and partnerships to reinforce the efficacy of the breadth of applications for our technology.

Our team provides “white glove service” to every customer, offering valuable resources and always making our team available and “on call” for highly technical questions.

Let’s be in touch.

If we can answer any questions or you’d like to brainstorm ideas about how you can apply antimicrobial LED light, please say hi to Vyv.