Vyv Tech

A New Class of Continuous Antimicrobial Light

Vyv is a new class of clean light technology that harnesses the antimicrobial power within the visible light spectrum.

Vyv stops the growth and kills* viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold and mildew. Unlike UV light, Vyv is fine for us to be exposed to anytime and without any restrictions. Vyv lights are built to continuously reduce microbial growth to keep our indoor environments and surfaces clean.

Vyv’s proprietary antimicrobial light technology is cleaning surfaces virtually everywhere we go today – from healthcare and athletic facilities, food & beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing, travel and hospitality to products for our homes, in our workplaces, our schools, in automotive, horticulture and beyond.

*Testing on a non-enveloped virus (MS2 bacteriophage) showed a 97.12% reduction in controlled laboratory testing in 8 hours on hard surfaces. Testing on SARS-CoV-2 (enveloped virus) showed a 96.76% reduction in controlled laboratory testing in 8 hours on hard surfaces. Testing on MRSA and E. coli showed 90%+ reduction in controlled laboratory testing in 24 hours on hard surfaces. Results may vary depending on the amount of light that is reaching the surfaces in the space where the product is installed and the length of time of exposure. Use of Vyv antimicrobial light is not intended to replace manual cleaning and disinfection practices.

Founded as a health tech company in 2013, Vyv has pioneered a new approach to continuously clean surfaces practically anywhere – from an overhead light to inside a consumer product or an industrial process.

Vyv Continuous Use, 100% UV-free Antimicrobial Lights

Vyv Enhanced Antimicrobial™

Combines a unique blend of precisely tuned colors to deliver optimal antimicrobial dosage – all in a single LED light diode that is highly efficient and pleasing to the eye.

Vyv Antimicrobial+Light™

Combines the same antimicrobial protection with the addition of high-quality white light for interior lighting.

We’re Inventors at Heart

We’re proud of our many patented innovations, and we continue to invent, with a constant flow of new patents pending.

Check out Vyv Invent for the full complement of technical, scientific, engineering and marketing expertise we offer along with our technology.

The single diode is well suited for antimicrobial applications in large areas like overhead lighting in surgical suites, or in small spaces like behind an elevator button or inside a consumer product.

Vyv’s single diode offers all the benefits of LED lighting — sustainable energy-efficient operation; extended lifetime to reduce waste; and precise color spectrum tuning—while maintaining its intensive antimicrobial properties.​*

Built for easy integration, Vyv Lighting Control Systems offer –​

  • Full integration with standard lighting controls for easy installation that’s simple and most cost-effective
  • Highly adaptable design for retrofitting existing lighting configurations and applications​

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