Strategic Planning

Vyv engages fully to ensure the viability of every solution that bears our name.

We embrace the role of trusted advisor with every partner and customer and share the expertise we’ve gained through years of experience in diverse markets — residential, public spaces and across industries.

Strategic Planning is a highly consultative process. We work alongside our customers and ask the questions that help guarantee the efficacy of the ultimate solution –

  • What application will deliver the greatest possible ROI with the first design?
  • What is the bacterial challenge in an application?
  • What microbes are of greatest concern and how do we best test for them?
  • What kinds of surfaces need protection?
  • What is the best way to measure the impact of antimicrobial light protection?
  • Where and how should protection be tuned?
  • What other cleaning and disinfection options are available?
  • How should antimicrobial light be aligned with these other approaches?
  • How can we best position the new solution and what language and data should be used in claims?
  • What is the best approach to rolling out the solution? What comes next?
  • What questions are end-user customers likely to ask?
  • How can we best support and train distribution channels on product capabilities and differentiation?

Let’s be in touch.

If we can answer any questions or you’d like to brainstorm ideas about how you can apply antimicrobial LED light, please say hi to Vyv.