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Reduce MRSA, S.Pyogenes E. Coli and C.Diff. by 90%+

Vyv antimicrobial light is making this a reality in active healthcare environments.

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Vyv is quickly becoming the persistent, 24/7 component of an effective multi-layered antimicrobial defense system for healthcare environments. Tested in both controlled lab tests and active healthcare settings, Vyv is proven to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew on surfaces and prevent their regrowth, making these environments cleaner for patients, residents, staff and visitors.

Managing a Microbial Ground Zero

Acute care facilities such as hospitals and specialty clinics, along with nursing homes, rehab centers and assisted living residences can be Ground Zero for the proliferation of invisible microbes that can grow exponentially and are potentially dangerous to residents and caregivers. They often go undetected and can double in number every 20 minutes. This can lead to unwanted illnesses that can easily spread.

Where do Microbes Grow in Healthcare Environments?
Acute Care Facilities
Reduce Potential Infections While Delivering Care

Healthcare facilities need to work constantly to kill or prevent infections and HAIs (including antibiotic resistant “superbugs”) while delivering care. Keeping microbial growth at bay is a critical component in delivering care to patients in all healthcare settings – acute care hospitals, specialty clinics, urgent care, long-term care and rehabilitation facilities. Preventing the transmission of germs among staff, patients and visitors begins by killing pathogens where they thrive – on surfaces throughout these healthcare facilities.

White Antimicrobial+Light
Violet Enhanced Antimicrobial

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